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Beauty Trends: BLP 3rd Birthday Look - Sparkling Joy

Hi, #BLPGirls!

We can tell that this month Beauty Trend is really special for us! Because It is uniquely created for our 3rd birthday, which shows that we want to let the spark inside us come out beautifully. It is our sparkling-birthday moment!

For this look, we want to make sure the face has enough base for the glowing effect. Therefore, we apply Light Beige shade from #FacePowderBLP and combine it with Sunset and Sunrise #FaceGlowBLP for the cheeks.

And yes, we want to make the eyes pop! So, we apply a tip or two of Sunrise color from Sunset and Sunrise  #FaceGlowBLP on the inner corner. Also, we use Midnight color from Midday and Midnight #FaceGlowBLP on the eyelid.

And don't forget the brow! Make sure the brow is strong enough to hold our dreams and wishes for the future. So, we use Dark Brown shade of #BrowDefinerBLP to make the brows stand out!

As we wish our future to be as glowing as our #LipGlazeBLP, don't hesitate to mix both Sparkling Rosé and Cranberry Cobbler for our birthday look. Now you know, that your smile is the prettiest thing you'll ever wear.

And to put it all together, get the cheeks some glittery stars to get that face sparkling with joy and happiness.

We hope that this look could inspire you to never let the spark inside you go down. Make sure you are always glowing even in the darkest place and show the world that real beauty always shines from within.