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Let’s dive deep into #BLPFam Diah’s story on being a free-spirited surfer and mom

What was the bravest decision you’ve ever made for yourself, #BLPFam? For Diah Rahayu, pursuing surfing professionally is a wondrous journey, filled with unexpected waves and thrilling moments. We caught up with her after giving birth, as she is adjusting herself to a new routine as a mom and a professional surfer! 

Hi Diah! When did you begin your career as a professional surfer?
I started my surfing journey when I was 12 years old.

Since then, I have been proudly representing Ripcurl. Throughout my 17-year surfing career, I have had the privilege of competing in various events, including the SEA Games in the Philippines. 

What inspired you to pursue a career as a surfer?
I live near the beach and was born into a surfer family, particularly my dad who is passionate about surfing. However, I wasn’t allowed to surf back then because it was considered an extreme sport not meant for women.

Becoming a professional surfer seemed like an impossible dream. Despite all of that, I found the courage to pursue surfing until I signed a sponsorship, leading to a full scholarship for my education from junior to senior high school. 

Could you share your most memorable surfing moment with us?
The most memorable moments for me are not just about the waves, but the entire experience of traveling and exploring new places. Island hopping, meeting new people, learning different cultures, and discovering hidden gems for the perfect surf spot make the moments truly unforgettable. Among all the stunning places in Indonesia that I’ve visited, the ultimate surfing paradise for me is Mentawai in West Sumatera.

How do you prepare yourself before surfing?
Before heading out, I always start with yoga, stretching, or a workout session to loosen up my muscles and improve flexibility. After that, I usually have breakfast to fuel up my energy then apply sunscreen if needed. But my pre-surf routine changes after I’m having a baby, so I need to take care of him first before I prepare myself to surf.


How has being a mom brought a significant change in your life?
After being a mom, I have embraced many new responsibilities, as my baby depends on me and I don’t have a babysitter. He has become my top priority that I need to take care of and devote myself wholeheartedly. 

Following a c-section surgery, I also had to take a break from surfing for about 3 months. Returning from the hiatus, I had to start over from scratch due to the recovery process. Using the smaller surfboard and adapting to the changes in paddling. However, the joy of being back in the water makes me feel complete. The sea holds a special place in my heart and I’m so grateful to be able to surf 3 to 4 times a week now. 

What are your thoughts when you’re standing on your surfboard?
When I’m standing on my surfboard, I try to focus on the present moment, finding my balance and feeling the connection between myself and the waves. I let go of expectations, relax, and trust the waves to guide me, whether to win or lose in the competition. 

How do you define “Be free-spirited”?
Being free-spirited, to me, means living life on my terms while taking full responsibility for my actions. It’s about embracing freedom to make choices, as long as they are positive. 


What are your beauty essentials?
Good question! I really love hydrating skincare because I rarely wear makeup. I always keep my makeup minimalist, so lip balm or nude lipstick is enough for me.