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When an unexpected thing happened, #BLPFam Monica May found herself on an inspiring journey that she wants to share with us all

When reality hits you hard, what is the first thing will you do, #BLPFam? Let’s hear it from Monica May who shares about her breast cancer journey, her motivation, and the distractions that kept her sane during her difficult time.

Hi Monica! Could you please share with us about your breast cancer journey?
My breast cancer story began in November 2020 when I unexpectedly discovered a lump while doing yoga one morning. As you might think, I was in denial and hesitant to get the lump tested, even contemplating the idea of “It’s okay if I have to die like this.” However, after seeking multiple opinions, I had to face the reality that I needed chemotherapy, which was something I really wanted to avoid.

Before starting chemotherapy, I underwent a mastectomy procedure to remove both of my breasts, which was a difficult decision for me as I really cherished my body. The journey was challenging, but all is nothing compared to chemotherapy. It was the toughest part, especially the side effects. I struggled emotionally, became physically weak, and faced a long recovery. 

What is your motivation throughout the process?
My family has been my biggest motivation, and the second one goes to my beloved friend, Jinny, who battles colon cancer. I feel responsible to stay healthy and take care of myself for her, as she faces even tougher challenges. Other than that, I believe that everything in life, including cancer, is temporary. Every problem will always come hand in hand with the solution. I want to be part of the solution and fight this cancer. 

What are the perks of sharing on social media?
In the past, I used to keep everything inside, fearing judgment or rejection. After I was diagnosed with cancer, I did a self-evaluation and came to the conclusion that sharing my story could be a positive and powerful thing. By opening up and sharing my journey, I have become a source of inspiration and blessing to others. I've learned that it's okay to share even the difficult and sad parts of life because it helps people realize they're not alone.

What does makeup mean to you?
Makeup is amazingly therapeutic and uplifting for me. It’s a great distraction, especially during my difficult time when I’m feeling down.

Even before undergoing chemotherapy, I made sure to make time for makeup because it made me feel happy and beautiful. I just want to be pretty, even cancer can not bring me down. Cancer picks the wrong person!

What does “living my dreams in Bali” mean?
I have always been deeply in love with Bali — its beautiful beaches, nature, and the sunsets of course.

It’s a dreamy place to chill and relax, and I was determined to turn it into reality, which I have now! While there may be challenges along the way, I am willing to face them because being in Bali fulfills my heart and soul.

How do you define “Be Free-spirited”?