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It doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, you can still reflect or prepare yourself for a high quality relationship! Read on and be inspired by #BLPMUSE Sasha Tjie

Meet Sasha Tjie, an entrepreneur, relationship counselor, content creator, and the author of Wise Woman Waits — an inspiring book about how to be a high value woman in waiting and dating. Her book tells her own journey through singlehood, with its own ups and downs, and even mental health battles. When you read her story, she hopes she can remind women that they are not alone and that they are worthy.

Tips on how to be a high-value woman?
Every woman is unique, but you can be a high-value woman by doing these:
- Be the best version of yourself by knowing your value and purpose in life.
- Pursue your passion and find happiness within yourself.
- Never settle for less and keep your standard high!

What is the dating advice you wish you knew earlier?
I wish I was less anxious about the future and fully enjoyed the moment of being in a relationship, or even being single. Don’t take that moment for granted!

How to prepare for a high quality relationship?
Be secure with yourself. The more you are secure with yourself, the happier you are as a woman. Pursue your own happiness, career, goals, dreams – they are attractive for the right person!


What’s makeup for you?
Makeup is a medium for me to boost my confidence and become one of my sources of happiness. I don’t do makeup for anyone, I do makeup for myself. One of my favorites is Lip Coat Burnt Cinnamon!