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Compact Powder is effortlessly skin-enhancing on its own, sure, but the way you apply it on your face matters, BLP Girls! Be a powder pro and achieve that refreshed skin with Compact Powder by following some handy tips below.

For fuller coverage

Apply with a puff or a sponge that comes with Compact Powder. Start from the center of your face and blend outwards. Repeat the step until you get your desired coverage. 

As Compact Powder BLP comes with a medium coverage, the makeup hacks of wetting the sponge before usage is not necessary. Besides, our puff is designed waterproof so it's best to use them dry. 

For sheer coverage 

Dust on with a powder brush in a circular motion. Start from the center and work your way outwards. And again, repeat until you reach the coverage you desire.

For midday touch-ups

Compact Powder BLP is paired with a mirror, so topping up your existing makeup with it is very feasible. Blot the excess oil first with blotting paper or tissue to make the powder sit evenly. Apply on the oily areas or on your whole face. You can also sweep over lightly to mattify without adding extra coverage. And you're set! Looking refreshed is just a few dabs away!