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HOW TO | Eyeliner Hacks: Simple and Easy Ways to Draw the Line

Eyeliner is here to stay. It transforms your look with just a single flick – and it is about time to give it a try if you haven’t already. Indeed, a black stripe along our upper lash line could result in that much of a difference.

We’ve been experimenting with all kinds of eyeliner, and we're here to share some worthy-to-try hacks to look lively and awake without hours of effort. Down below, we have prepared pro tips to a few possible eye-lining scenarios. Keep on reading, BLP Girls!

If you have monolid eyes, we've got you covered! Try to tilt your face upwards during application and position your mirror slightly below your eye level. This way, you can do the line easier. This tip could also be useful for other eye shapes.



BLP Girls with oily lids, eyeliner could still be your friend with these hacks! Apply Face Concealer on your lids before anything else. Blend it well and it will steer the lids clear from unwanted shine, as well as making it smoother for you to draw on.

To add extra longevity, remember: Eye Definer BLP first, Matte Liner BLP second! Thanks to Eye Definer's waterproof formula, it will make your liner last longer and hold it steady in place.



If your hand isn't steady enough to nail your line using Matte Liner, you can line your eyes first with Eye Definer and then trace it over with Matte Liner. 

Still finding this one hard? Here's an easier trick to follow: line your eyes with dots first, then connect them! It's pretty much the same as drawing a single line, but simplified. When using this trick, make sure the dots you draw are the same size as the width of liner that you aim for.



That perfect, even winged eyeliner is achievable, even for the newbies! Grab a spoon and place it near the outer corner of your eyes. Use the spoon handle to draw the angled line, then use the curve to create the shape. Once the lines are in place, fill in the empty area.

To master the perfect cat-eye shape, you can also use a transparent tape. Place the edge of the tape in line with your bottom lash line and angle the top toward the end of your eyebrow. Then draw along the shape of the tape. Wait for the formula to dry before slowly taking the tape off.

Alternatively, if you're short on the aforementioned tool, you can use Face Concealer to make your liner more snatched. Just simply swipe the doe foot applicator from the outer edge of your eyes pointing to your eyebrow. Remember to blend it without touching the line! 

And that's it, BLP Girls! May the wings of your eyeliner always be even and stay on fleek throughout the day!