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HOW TO | Face 101: Everything You Need to Know for a Flawless Look

Do you know that your complexion makeup matters a lot more than you think, BLP Girls? Think of complexion as a canvas – it's the largest area on your face, serving a base for your whole makeup. And just like any other things in life, the base is a crucial starting point. 

Ahead, we've rounded up tried-and-tested complexion makeup hacks for you to show up with a flawless beat. From creating a makeup look based on your face shape, maximizing the power of concealer to making your makeup stay longer, find everything you need to know to ace your base game!


We were born with different bone structures, face shapes and facial features. Therefore, there is no particularly right or wrong way to apply your complexion makeup. Customize your routine based on the shape of your face to showcase your best features!

For round face: Focus on the center

A simple tip: Focus your makeup on the center of your face and downplay the rest. You can do this by putting bronzer or contour on the outermost part of your face and under your cheekbones. Then, put highlighter on the high points of your face. You can also use Face Concealer in a brighter shade to take the complexion up a notch.

For oval face: Follow the general rules

After applying Face Base, put on your favorite bronzer starting from temples and work your way down to the center of the face in a motion of three. Then, add a subtle touch of highlighter in your temples, brow bone, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and chin.

For long face: Balance your proportion

Proportion is key for those with longer face shape. To downplay the length of your face, place bronzer around the hairline, along the bottom of your cheekbones blended upwards to the temple, as well as under the chin blended upwards along the jawline. Unlike any other face shape, it's best to add bronzer across the bridge of the nose as well. When it comes to highlighting, avoid putting it on your forehead and chin.

For square face: Up your contour game

Soften the square-shaped look by putting contour on your temples and jawline area. To make it look natural, find a fluffy brush and brush it upward. Then add bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks. Offset the look and apply highlighter in a "C" shape, specifically on the high points of the cheeks and the temples.

For heart-shaped face: Create sun-kissed look

This type of face usually has prominent cheekbones. Balance the lovely feature out by applying bronzer on the forehead. Blend your way down toward the temples and underneath the cheekbones. Use the usual highlighting technique: on the bridge of the nose, high points of the cheeks, underneath the brow bone, cupid's bow and on the chin with an additional application on the jawline.



Now you can say goodbye to unwanted zits, lack-of-sleep dark under eyes and any other facial imperfections with Face Concealer! But it can do more than just concealing. Face Concealer is like that one friend of yours who is ready for just about anything. It can conceal, highlight and create “snatched” effect.

Concealer to Cover

Just had a midnight K-drama binge-watching? Or pulled an all-nighter to meet your deadlines? Resort to Face Concealer to freshen up your look! Draw an inverted triangle with a tip pointing to your cheeks. Blend it with your favorite beauty tools or straight using your ring finger. This trick creates a brightening effect and a more naturally-blended complexion to the whole face. 

Concealer works wonder to camouflage your blemishes, too. Just put a few dots on the areas that you want to cover, dab dab to blend and it will be gone within seconds!

Concealer to Highlight

Yes, you can use Face Concealer as a highlighter, but it serves a different purpose than the usual highlighter. While a highlighter adds a glittery effect onto your skin, concealer adds depth and dimension – something that's usually overlooked but delivers a significant impact to the final finish.

How to do it: Put Face Concealer at the centre of your forehead to make your skin look healthy and multidimensional, on the bridge of your nose to elongate it and around the shape of your brows to accentuate the shape.

Concealer to Create A Lifted-up Face 

Put some amount of Face Concealer on the tear duct, then draw a horizontal line starting from the tail of your eyes pointing to your temple. Draw a similar line from the corner of your lips, leave it blank on the cheek and continue the line on the area close to your ears. Blend everything together, and voila, you can get that lifted-up effect!


Now that you have become versed in Face Makeup 101, it's time to soak up another trick: how to keep your makeup stay put through the sweats and (hopefully not) tears. Whether your skin is dry, combination or oily, you can still have your complexion makeup intact by the end of the day! Read on and push the limits on your makeup’s longevity.

But first, prep

The importance of prepping your skin is far-reaching. You can do this in two ways: apply skin care such as serum and moisturizer, or prime your face. A prepped skin will ensure a smoother, long-lasting application as the base formula can be well blended into your skin. 


Opt for a long-wearing foundation 

The formula of your foundation holds the same significance as the prepping process to the longevity of your makeup. Find yourself a formula that can keep things under control in the long haul without being flaky or cakey, the one that still feels good when it's sitting on top of your skin. Hint: give our Face Base a try!

Apply light 

Always apply your foundation layer by layer rather than putting it on heavily in one go. This could reduce the possibility of your base looking like a splotch after a long day. Uneven foundation application could also clog your pores, resulting in potential blackheads and acnes.


Set with Face Powder

The finish of foundation is naturally a bit moist and this is where the magic of powder could come into play. Face Powder delivers a satin texture and a smooth, flawless finish without settling into fine lines. 

Hit with setting mist 

Last but not least, spritz setting spray for the finishing touch before you head out your door. It's the real deal to prolong the life of your makeup without messing with the color and the texture of your makeup. For a more-refreshed look, spray it in the middle of makeup application.