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Wearing makeup makes us feel good about ourselves. You might have heard it often, BLP Girls, but it is that one mantra worth remembering over and over again. Now that we have to put on our mask whenever we go outside, do we really need to give up the joy of wearing Lip Bullet and the fun of putting on Face Glow? The answer is never!

However, we do need to readjust our approach in doing makeup to prevent smudge and stains on the mask. From settling upon the product that works to the handy tips to nail your makeup game, we have done all the research and compiled it down below. Read on, BLP Girls!

Your complexion is like the foundation of a house, or of anything, really. It sets the tone of your overall makeup look and that is the very reason we need to pay a good attention to the base. 

Keep these things in mind when you are applying base makeup:

  • Cleanse your face prior to putting makeup on and immediately after reaching home. Keep those maskne away!
  • Prep your face through a skincare routine that is moisturizing and hydrating, to ensure the product stays longer on your skin.
  • Opt for lightweight formula – Face Base is our frontrunner – to avoid your pores from clogging.
  • Set your makeup look with Face Powder or Compact Powder so the complexion base does not move throughout the day.

The eyes are the most visible part of our face when we are wearing a mask. This being said, we recommend you to be more extra in doing your eye makeup. Besides, our eyes also reflect our expressions and smiles so might as well perfect our smize!

Follow these tips to create standout eye look:

  • Start from the brows and give it extra care by grooming it. Define with Brow Definer to add colors on the sparse areas, then blend with the provided spoolie.
  • Add a few swipes of your favorite #OnTheLips for a more playful look. Complete the look with shimmers from Eyeshadow Pen.
  • Don’t forget to tightline your eyes using Eye Definer that is waterproof and smooth for easy application.

If you make it to this step, nice effort, BLP Girls! To make your makeup look just as good as it did when you first applied it in the next few hours, lock all the effort and set everything with Makeup Fixer. 

Packed with hydrating and soothing agents, it works wonders to blend your products together resulting in a dewy, seamless finish. Makeup Fixer is also free from alcohol and oil, making it friendly for your skin. What's better: it comes with a fresh rose scent to the nose. It's a win all around!

We hope in this unprecedented time, you will never give up on things that give you consolation, including wearing makeup! You deserve the feel-good booster, BLP Girls!