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1. What attracts you the most in a partner?
A. Physical appearance 
B. Their action
C. Generosity
D. Skin-to-skin contact
E. The way they talk

2. How do you show your love to your partner?
A. Giving compliments and encouragement 
B. Preparing meal for us both 
C. Buying each other’s favorite stuff
D. Hugging and holding hands 
E. Doing any activity together 

3. What does an ideal date look like for you?
A. Karaoke night
B. Going on a short getaway he planned
C. Window shopping
D. Binge-watching Netflix at home
E. Reconnecting from socials together

4. Which love quote resonates with you the most?
A. “I never knew I’d fall in love and love you this much.”
B. “The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.”
C. “Happiness is receiving a tiny gift on an ordinary day.”
D. “Your hand touching mine, this is how galaxies collide.”
E. “Sitting next to you doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to me.”

5. It’s more meaningful to you when...
A. He writes you a love letter
B. He picks you up at work
C. He gets you a bouquet of flowers
D. He holds your hand in front of his friends
E. He spends some time alone with only you

6. When you go on your first date, what kind of makeup look are you gonna wear? 
A. I need to look extra with shimmers and stuff to make him wow-ed
B. An effortless makeup but don’t tell him it’s effortless
C. Wearing all products that look best on me so he noticed what I love
D. Anything smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and long lasting for me
E. I keep it natural, but always have a backup to touch up

7. If you can only choose one, which BLP products do you prefer?
A. Eyeshadow Palette Daybreak
B. Face Concealer
C. Lip Vinyl Dew
D. Lip Cotton First Kiss
E. Brow Definer

If Your Answer is Mostly …


You want them to say precisely what they appreciate or admire about you. So, you like to wear makeup that would flatter your look and enchant them. 


You desire to feel loved and appreciated. You want them to notice and appreciate the little things you do for them. Therefore you're excited about wearing noticeable makeup that looks like you need some effort to wear it.


You wish for them to treasure you a lot. You want them to make time and put effort into giving you a thoughtful gift. For that reason, you want to return the effort and use makeup that brings out your best features. 


You feel loved when holding hands together or hugging each other. You want to be close to your partner physically, then you prefer to wear long lasting makeup so it won't smudge easily.


You feel the most adored when your partner wants to spend time together and is always down to hang out. In that case, you love to wear natural and comfortable makeup.