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Experience versatile shades for your most iconic looks in the Butter Fudge Collection! Developed from the most coveted nude Lip Coat Butter Fudge, find equally flattering Lip Coat Choco Fudge in neutral medium brown and Lip Coat Berry Fudge in an elegant plum shade in the lineup. The trio enhance all skin tones at ease, with high pigmentation and long-lasting formula that feels lighter on the lips.

For your effortlessly stunning blush look, apply Baby Blush 1987 for a swipe of berry pink or Baby Blush 1989 for a flush of light peachy brown. Whether you want it intense or natural, its satin-to-velvet finish allows you some play time. Lastly, let your eyes steal the spotlight with Eyeshadow Pocket 1987 or Eyeshadow Pocket 1989 – both coming with four shades, multiple finishes, and endless possibilities!

In the quest to find the perfect nude lipstick, how far would you go, BLP Fam? This is the shade that is a little bit peach, a little bit brown, and a whole lot of iconic: Butter Fudge. Look no further, it is that one shade that simply never goes out of style, and so versatile you can pair it with practically any makeup you own. Wear it on its own, with Lip Liner, with bolder shades, or even with gloss! This shade is like a reliable friend you can take anywhere with you, and simply let you Be The Icon.

Step into the world of Butter Fudge Collection and unleash your inner icon! Create any look your heart desires with this versatile lineup, designed to suit every skin tone and to empower your unique self

Achieve an iconic monochromatic makeup look with the 1989 shades. From the Eyeshadow Pocket to the Baby Blush, the earthy tones exude a subtle sophistication, blending seamlessly with your natural features and skin tone

For lips that stay put throughout the day, wear the highly pigmented Lip Coat with longwearing, transferproof, and creamy formula

Always have this compact 4-in-1 eyeshadow palette near, to create endless looks with its 3 finishes: buttery-matte, shimmer, and glittery-shimmer 

Stay blushing when you have Baby Blush on – its rich and pigmented formula in satin-to-velvet finish glides easily before or after your base makeup.

Watch the full chapter of the iconic collection here: