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#BLPFam gathered to do flower arrangement while celebrating the launch of Lip Petals in this edition of #BLPIRL. Read on to find out their excitement!

It’s Ramadan, and what better occasion to have a get-together than now? To celebrate the launch of Lip Petals with our closest, #BLPIRL returned with a flower arrangement workshop, in collaboration with Bandung-based florist, Sporadies.

When #BLPFam arrived at Seven Speed Coffee, they were greeted by a fragrant smell of flowers at the ‘floral market’ set up by the Sporadies team. Those vibrant-colored flowers were sourced from local farmers, as Sporadies’ team practiced sustainability. #BLPFam were excited to learn the different types of florals – from  jengger ayam, walisongo, to Dieng’s elderberry, celosia, and many more. 

#BLPFam then tried their hands at doing Ikebana, a Japanese flower arranging technique. With the help of the Sporadies team, they got creative with petals and stems, making their own unique arrangements. But the fun didn't stop there! #BLPFam were also given greeting cards and asked to do flower journaling — drawing their own flower creations while expressing themselves.

As the sun set, everyone sat down to enjoy a heartwarming Iftar together. #BLPIRL: Flower Arrangement was more than just flowers and food – it was about friendship and togetherness.

See you on the next #BLPIRL!

In case you missed it, watch the full video here: