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 Minimize your skin problems and always look your best during the fasting season with these simple hacks!

How’s your fasting going, #BLPFam? Minzie hopes that you stay healthy and can still be strong until the end of Ramadan! Fasting can be challenging for some – from the changes of the times you eat and the food or drink you consume, low energy level, dry and dehydrated skin, fatigue, to mood changes. So, here are 5 simple hacks to keep yourself looking and feeling good through the month!

1. Hydrate inside and out
When you can’t hydrate from the inside, make sure to do it well on the outside. Incorporating hydrating skincare like Tremella Daily Hydrating Series into your routine can make a huge difference for your skin. Don’t forget to drink enough water on Suhoor and Iftar to prevent dehydration.

2. Always double cleanse
Keep your pores in check by adopting double cleansing into your skincare routine. This helps remove dirt, oil, and sebum, ensuring your pores stay clean and your complexion remains radiant, even during fasting hours.

3. Opt for lightweight, water-based #FaceIt
Give your skin a break by opting for a lightweight, water-based foundation. Face Base can be a game changer in your beauty routine during this time of the year, especially when you pair it with Makeup Fixer. It’s a setting spray that doubles as a refreshing face mist, packed with hydrating and soothing agents. 
4. Prioritize minimal and hydrating makeup
Of course you need colors to look less tired! Try applying a touch of Face Glow Bikini, a swipe of Lash Bash, and some hydrating #OnTheLips that can moisturize your lips.


5. Consume healthy food
Healthy eating habits during Suhoor and Iftar can work wonders for your skin. Consume foods that support a healthy gut, as a balanced digestive system is key to achieving glowing skin. Avoid binge-eating at night because overeating can lead to dull-looking skin.