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On International Women’s Day, let’s talk about our #BLPMUSE Meisya Sallwa, the author of “Becoming High Value Woman

Meet Meisya Sallwa, a public speaker, content creator, and author of “Creating a New Life” and “Becoming High Value Woman.” At 23, she has gained extensive experiences and knowledge in women empowerment and self-development through various career paths. Born on International Women’s Day, she’s destined to inspire younger generations, especially women. 

Hi, Meisya! Can you tell us how you started your career?
In 2020, while working as a TV presenter, my journey as a public speaker began unexpectedly when I was invited to Sriwijaya University, Palembang. Behind the scenes, my passion for writing has always been there from the start. This led me to write down my journey as a young woman discovering her path in my debut book, “Creating a New Life.”

Surprisingly, my first book inspired another, but this time focusing on womanhood — thanks to those who encouraged me! Essentially, “Becoming High Value Woman” is based on my personal experiences and current issues in Indonesia, with the hope that many will read and understand its message.

Name one thing that shapes you into who you are today!
I once read a quote that said something along the lines of “Instead of finding motivation, you can train yourself to be disciplined.” Therefore I built myself to be someone with a disciplined mentality, even though I may not feel motivated every day. I believe maintaining discipline allows me to live and work professionally. 

Describe a woman you want to be!
I want to become a woman who is in charge of herself, who has the right to always choose what she wants in her own life — because that’s the essence of being a high value woman.

What’s makeup for you?
Makeup equals color. It highlights uniqueness of everyone – including men! In terms of everyday makeup, Lip Petals Oak, Butter Balm Cherry, and Airy Tint Bira are my favorites.

What do you want to say to other women out there?
Feeling and being are two different things. It's okay to feel foolish rather than be foolish, but don't just feel smart, instead, be smart. Because us women, we only got each other’s back, and it’s essential to be smart in empowering one another.


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