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If you are looking for something to elevate your look, look no further than Lip Liner! Find how Lip Liner can define your pout

Lip Liner has finally arrived to complete the #OnTheLips family! Formulated in matte finish, it is the bestie to your favorite #OnTheLips – making your lips look thicker and making your lip color stay longer. The smudge-proof Lip Liner can precisely define your lip and prevent it from feathering. Plus, it comes with a sharpener and a brush for on-the-go application. To answer your everyday need, Lip Liner comes in 2 shades: Classic Beige and Dusty Rose.

Find everything you need to know about Lip Liner and how it can define your makeup looks!

The Golden Rules 


Pro Tips:

  1. Prime your lips with Butter Balm for a smooth canvas.
  2. Overline your lips for a fuller-looking lips.
  3. Blend the edges into the center of your lip using the built-in brush for a more natural look.

Best #OnTheLips Shade Pairing with Lip Liner


Watch how you can BE DEFINED with Lip Liner here:

Great news: all of these superb pairs are available in bundles.