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Welcome to BLP Beauty! Here we welcome everyone to feel good, look good and live at their best. Founded by Lizzie Parra in 2016, BLP Beauty is an ecosystem where beauty goes beyond products – it is about who the wearer is – and the definition of beauty goes beyond any standards you have been told to. Here is where together we can embrace our own uniqueness, while having fun to be the best version of ourselves.

Beauty is For Everyone

Every product, every campaign, every decision behind BLP Beauty is inspired by you. We design our products to suit all #BLPGirls and for you to apply them in the easiest way. Developed from all things we have been learning and loving, our look-good, feel-good products are safe, cruelty free and made for the everyday. 

Take a look at our four lines:
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Confidence Comes From Within

At BLP Beauty we believe that it is important to feel confident in your own skin, both inside and outside. Makeup plays a role as confidence booster, to showcase your unique features and highlight your true self, because beauty is supposed to be effortless and it should reflect you more than anything else.