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Get ready to shine with confidence and grace throughout the Ramadan festivities with these glam makeup looks!

Embrace Ramadan festivities with these dazzling Arabian-inspired makeup looks that will steal the show. If you are ready to glam up, check out these head-turning inspirations!

Prepare your boldest eye makeup look with the combo of Eyeshadow Pen Walnut as the base and the shimmers from Eyeshadow Palette Daybreak. Then, make a statement with the double liners — Matte Liner Pitch Black on the upper lash line and Eye Definer Noir on the lower lash line. Complete the look with the iconic nude, Lip Coat Butter Fudge, and you’re done!

If you want to keep your makeup simple and subtle, all you need to do is applying Eyeshadow Pen Copper Brown on the lids to add a shimmery dimension. To top it off, add some juicy lips with a combination of Lip Gel Daylily and Lip Vinyl Glass. 

Let your glamorous look make the month feel more festive! Try using Eyeshadow Palette Nightfall and Eyeshadow Pen Crème Gold on the lids, then apply Lash Bash for an extra oomph. To balance the overall look, opt for a shiny, my-lips-but-better shade like Lip Petals River on the lips.