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Elevate your Lunar New Year celebration with the perfect red shade! Discover the three looks you should try below!

Lunar New Year and red are inseparable! Red is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and joy. If you’re someone who always wears something red on this day, you’ve come to the right page as we unfold three red looks for the Year of The Dragon. 

When you want to put on red #OnTheLips but don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard… // RED FUSION

Essentially, you can never go wrong with red lips. But if you want to avoid looking like you're trying too hard, Lip Bullet Parfait is all you need. 

It's the classic brownish-red shade that every girl should have. Complete the look with a subtle eye makeup using Eyeshadow Palette Daybreak and pinkish blush, Face Glow Bikini.

When you want to enjoy the food but don’t want your red lips to smudge easily… // FORTUNE FLUSH

Don’t let your red lips stop you from savoring good food this Lunar New Year! Opt for a matte #OnTheLips that won’t smudge easily and is easy to reapply, like Lip Coat Bloody Mary.

For a fresher look, pair it with Face Glow Watermelon and Face Glow Sunnies.

When you can’t choose between ombré or glossy lips, make ‘em work together… // DRAGON GLAM

You don’t have to choose between ombré or glossy when you can make it happen by applying Lip Coat Butter Fudge as a base, followed by Lip Cotton Tribute on the center of the lips.

For a glossy, shimmery finish, top your lips with Lip Vinyl Blossom. You can also make a statement #InYourEyes using Power Liner Crimson.

Enjoy Lunar New Year, #BLPFam!