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BLP Girls, we know that you are fluent in self care – from putting makeup on to treating yourself to good food. But do you know how important loving yourself is? Just like any other relationship that needs to be cultivated, the relationships that we have with ourselves is no exception – and this is where self-love languages pitch in. Show yourself the love you think you deserve, and go all out!


To figure out self-care activities that fulfill you the most, you need to answer this very question first: What is your self-love language?




A. Cooking for yourself

B. Playing makeup or applying skincare products on your face.

C. Indulging in my personal hobby.

D. Browsing through your favorite e-store.

E. Journaling.


A. Doing a run test and making sure all tech runs well.

B. Pampering yourself to look presentable.

C. Taking time to review your knowledge.

D. Getting a squishy stress ball to calm yourself down.

E. Telling yourself that you got this!


A. Carve out a day to redecorate your room or do spring cleaning.

B. Go to a spa or nail salon.

C. Give yourself time to do what you want.

D. Get a little present for yourself.

E. Look at your hardwork and tell yourself that you did a great job.


A. Start planning the meal for the night.

B. Change your clothes and get comfy in fresh ones.

C. Spend time to do a fulfilling activity, whatever that might be for you.

D. Check if you have any package delivered.

E. Reflect on what went well during the day.


A. Making yourself a cup of tea.

B. Having a long and soothing shower time.

C. Exercising or dancing.

D. Getting yourself a gorgeous-looking treat.

E. Scribbling down your thoughts.




You probably like to make bed in the morning for a more easy night later, do meal prepping or creating a list that you know you would need the next day. If your self-love language is an act of service, you enjoy doing things for yourself that make life easier for you. It is also a gesture of kindness towards yourself.


Activity ideas: Create to-do list, schedule cleaning at home, do the dishes right after you finished using.


Good news: You can practice this love language of yours even without the help of other people. If your self-love language is physical touch, you will likely feel loved when you are focusing on your external health and wellness. You can also send love to your body by putting your hand over some areas that need attention and care. For example, resort to a massage appointment after a long day or on days when you have anxiety, putting your hand on your chest could work wonders too.


Activity ideas: Build a skincare routine and stick to it, try a new and exciting workout, make a healthy meal, invest in comfortable homeware for your living space.


Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, BLP Girls, if your self-love language is quality time, you enjoy spending time in solitude. What you do in those times is really up to you; you can watch Netflix, do your hobbies or acquire a new skill. Pro tip: Try to carve out a time for yourself, like designating 30 minutes to one hour per day on your schedule. Remember to turn off your phone for a little while and settle into the enjoyment of your solo time.


Activity ideas: Take yourself on a coffee date (no laptop, please!), pick up a new book and start reading, use a random number generator to pick a random movie from your watch list, try a guided meditation.


The act of sending yourself gifts shows that you are able to celebrate yourself without depending on someone else to provide for you. However, when we mean gifts, it could be really big or really tiny. There are lots and lots of life's little indulgences that supposedly could bring you joy; a piece of your favorite chocolate or one particular drink that you really like but you know is a bit unhealthy for you. Always remember to be mindful of your purchases, BLP Girls!


Activity ideas: Use the sheet masks that you've been saving for a special occasion, buy one thing or two from your online shopping cart, purchase an online course.


When life gets hard and you need to have something to keep you going, try to speak some daily affirmations. If you feel fuelled by the simple act of it, your self-love language is words of affirmation. Say these mantras before you start the day: "I love myself. I accept myself. I let myself to just be." You might be surprised at how powerful those mantras are to the way you feel.


Activity ideas: Write yourself a love letter, create a daily mantra, find some encouraging quotes from the internet and recite it yourself, journal and write down some pep talk.

Hope this mini quiz could help navigate your way to feel loved by yourself, BLP Girls! You are your own life-long companion so remember to cultivate the relationship you have with yourself as much as you do it with others.