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“Eyes are the windows to the soul” is not only an idea we subscribe to, it is also one of the reasons why #InYourEyes continues to expand. Beyond the outer appearance, we wish for #InYourEyes to represent the story of your life. What do you want to tell, even before the lips say anything?
Be brave, spark your passion, see beyond the ordinary – let “look alive” be your motto this time around. Do that by adding our latest addition #LashesBLP, supported by Artisan Pro, to add depth to your eyes. Even when your makeup is kept subtle, the eyes can still be standout.
We create #LashesBLP specially to replicate actual lashes, as they get thinner at the edge to achieve naturally bold effect. There are Refined for natural look, Dainty for elegant feel and Poised for statement appearance.
From left to right: Refined, Dainty, Poised
We are thrilled to see how #LashesBLP transform the models’ no-makeup makeup faces during the photo shoot, proving that false eyelashes are not only reserved for special occasions as they can be applied on daily basis.
To take the idea of “look alive” further, we present you another new #InYourEyes element: #MatteLinerBLP. This eyeliner has been one of our goals since Eye Definer was first launched.
It finally arrives in Pitch Black shade, with pointy tip to ease any kind of application.
With #MatteLinerBLP, feel free to embrace any bold look coming your way because it is time to let your eyes talk. Go graphic, do any flicks, experiment with different liner shapes, and have fun with it.
Makeup is about being comfortable in your skin, anyway, so make the best of what you have. Combine #LashesBLP and #MatteLinerBLP with the rest of the #InYourEyes products to #BeAdored to the fullest!