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As 2023 comes to an end, let’s take a moment to hit the rewind button and take a little flashback to BLP’s unforgettable year — let’s dive in!

How was your 2023, BLPFam? This year stands as a proof to our resilience, marking the first full year of recovery from the pandemic. It gave us the freedom to do all things we’ve missed for the past three years. Each month of 2023 unfolded as a fresh chapter, offering us opportunities to grow, explore, and share our best to all BLPFam out there. From thrilling new product launches to exciting collaboration, let’s dive into the list!

January this year marked a moment when BLP Skin and BLP Beauty became one – it stands as a gentle reminder to love the skin you’re in. Then, we celebrated the end of the month with all the red shades on Chinese New Year.


On Valentine's Day, we were saying I Love You and I Miss You through the bestselling shades in a bundle as a token of gratitude for our loved ones.


This month marked the chapter 2 of BLP in Paris as we created two Parisian looks inspired by Flores woven fabrics.

Then the euphoria continued to the launch of SOS Acne Gel, the new addition to the BLP Skin family as #YourAcneBestie. The launch started with a heartfelt campaign featuring real people sharing their experiences with acne.


A significant milestone unfolded as we launched the first Beauty Space outside of Java, located in Living World Denpasar, Bali! It was also a crucial moment in our commitment to sustainability, as we have reduced our use of plastic by 80% at Beauty Space Bali.

In the same month, we launched Butter Balm Cherry and it sold out in less than 24 hours! It has since become one of the bestselling products in our history.


On the road to our 7th birthday, 4 BLP Fam were invited to show their uniqueness and inspire others through BLP Main Character. Some of BLP Fam were also sharing their transformation journey through #GlowUpwithBLP. 


We were so glad to finally reconnect with BLP Fam in person at the #BLPIRL: Pizza Party! The day started with a tufting class, then continued to a fun backyard picnic in #BLPHQ.

In this birthday month we also collaborated with the pioneer of “kopi susu gula aren,” Toko Kopi Tuku, in #BLPxTUKU collection that featured 4 products: Butter Balm Espresso, Butter Balm Aren, Lip Vinyl Mocha, and Lip Vinyl Caramel.


After all the birthday fun in June, we concluded our 7th Birthday with a Pizza Party for #BLPTeam at the HQ. It stood out as one of the most memorable parties of the year!


The launch of Airy Tint was a memorable journey, as we flew all the way to Bali to feature 4 muses that represent the 4 Indonesia-inspired shades of Airy Tint: Bira, Gili, Toba, Bajo. This was when we found a deeper meaning of “Be Free-spirited”.


One of the most requested launches: the shimmery Eyeshadow Pen Copper Brown and the matte Eyeshadow Pen Walnut were launched alongside Dream Brow Clear and Dark Brown. BLP Fam once again joined our campaign, sharing their stories about “Be Brave to Dream Big”.

At the end of the month, we launched the first BLP Beauty Space island located in Summarecon Mall Bekasi so we can get closer to our Bekasi fam.


A new member to the #FaceIt family, Makeup Seal & Lock, joined our lineup and complemented the existing Makeup Fixer. The satin-matte setting spray has since become a beloved choice, ensuring BLP Fam to face the day with confidence.


Now, let’s talk about one of the most anticipated launches in 2023: Lip Liner. It comes in 2 shades, Classic Beige and Dusty Rose, completing the #OnTheLips family and answering BLP Fam’s prayers.


Closing the year with a bright and festive farewell, we collaborated with renowned illustrator, Dinda Puspitasari. She is the perfect person to bring our dream festivities to life through her colorful illustrations. The bestsellers were turned into gift-worthy holiday bundles, arriving in special packages designed by Dinda! One could also pay a visit to Beauty Space to experience both the shades and the illustrations, a perfect visit to close the year with. 

Goodbye, 2023. Hello, 2024!