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New year, new and improved beauty routine. Learn how to take beauty beyond aesthetics and enhance your overall sense of well-being

Who knows that beauty and wellness go hand in hand? Surprise — they’re practically besties! Skincare or makeup can be your instant mood-lifter with just one brush away. And with a good mood you will have more motivation to get things done and make you think more rationally. Now you just need to know the right and mindful approach to make these beauty rituals your at-home therapeutic session! 

When you can make every day a mini spa day with some simple skincare steps! Soothe yourself with Tremella Cleanser and Tremella Gel as you feel the texture and gently massage your face. Think about how your skincare absorbs into your skin, the smell, and the result on your skin. Do some breathing exercises to calm yourself down.

Repeat the mantra: “I am the main character of my life.” Yes, you are. Look in the mirror, apply your Face Base with a mindful amount — just enough to even out your skin tone, followed by a dab of Face Concealer to cover your blemishes. Keep in mind that with or without makeup, you are still your amazing self.

Imagine if you see someone and look them in the eye, which area do you want to focus on? If it’s brows, then pick up your Brow Definer to define your brows, making a strong or soft impression of your entire face. If you are all about eye contact, opt for Lash Bash for a stronger gaze.

Your lipstick says so much about you. There will be days when you just want to look cheery, fresh with a little bit of shine with Butter Balm Cherry. Or days when you just want to look elegant, not too much, but just right to complement your whole look with Lip Coat Butter Fudge.

So, are you ready to turn your makeup routine into free therapy?