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Feeling physically powerful will empower you to do anything you want. Keep reading to find out how through #BLPMuse Adelia’s perspective.

Meet Coach Adel, a certified educator of APKI (Indonesian Personal Trainer Association), the head of Strong Sisters Indonesia, and the master trainer representative of TRX Training in Indonesia. She believes that women can become more powerful when they feel empowered to do all the wonderful things in life for themselves. That’s why she’s sharing her story with us here!

I was a public accountant at one of the big four firms in Indonesia before realizing I needed a new source of excitement aside from my draining job. That’s when I discovered suspension training. I started training regularly, then I made a big decision to leave my fulltime job. It wasn’t an easy feat at first, but my journey eventually led me to taking a personal trainer certification, opening my first class at Sana Studio, and eventually becoming the master trainer representative of TRX Training in Indonesia. Throughout the ups and downs, I simply just kept going because I believe in preparing myself for future opportunities. 

Subconsciously, maintaining our fitness plays a crucial role in our overall health, especially for us women to tackle our diverse roles and to pursue our passion everyday. By doing so, we are capable of being fit both on the outside and on the inside. 

I have found a deeper purpose in life while reaching out to women across Indonesia: to empower them through fitness. That’s why I founded Strong Sisters Indonesia together with the founder of APKI in 2018. We were aware that the fitness industry was dominated by male, so we started this initiative to meet and support women across Indonesia, helping them to pursue their passion in the field without worrying about society’s expectations.

For example, I’ve met some women in Makassar who think their path has been set by society, particularly those with sports backgrounds. They believe their options are limited to being a sports teacher, civil worker, or housewife. It’s concerning that they aren’t aware of the opportunities in the fitness industry due to a lack of education. So we decided to provide various programs for them to improve their quality of life. A high-quality life means the ability to move without pain, with normal bodily function. It includes reduced menstrual cramps, a positive relationship with your body and food, and maintaining a fit physique.

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Know your resources. Identify your routine and start small; even a morning walk could be an impactful way to kickstart your journey. Don’t rush things, because consistency is the key to long-term success. By the end of the day, the best exercise you can do is the one that doesn’t just remain a plan.