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In the mission to create the perfect your-skin-but-better look, let us introduce you to Face Base and Face Concealer! These two complexion essentials have been a long time in the making, and we really do mean better skin when formulating them. Imagine a finish like a filter applied on your face, but in real life: a radiant, natural coverage that feels like wearing nothing.


First up, meet Face Base – the name signifies the foundation to your face. Once you get your base right, you can practically do anything, both in life and in your makeup routine. Build your base slowly, as the texture runs super lightweight with medium coverage that stays on for hours. Especially for the foundation resistant, Face Base is the easiest and lightest to apply. Simply use your fingers to spread, diffuse and blend it into your skin. One pump would suffice to naturally cover the entire face. 

Furthermore, your face will thank you: Face Base is dermatologically tested that means it is safe for sensitive skin, plus it is packed with non-comedogenic formula and extra UV protection. You can leave it as it is or set the entire look with Face Powder, no cakey feeling involved. Throughout the day, it wears out nicely even on oily skin! All of these benefits are all the reasons you should introduce Face Base in your everyday makeup repertoire. 

Face Base arrives in 5 shades for light, medium and tan skin tones:
Warm Ivory (W10) is light yellowish beige base made for light skin tones in warm and neutral undertone.

Warm Beige (W20) is yellowish beige base created for light to medium skin tones in warm undertone.

Beige (N20) is neutral beige base that universally flatters all medium skin tones.

Cool Sand (C30) is cool deep beige base with pinkish tone that works perfectly for medium to tan skin tones.

Warm Sand (W30) is deep yellowish beige base that complements tan skin tones in warm undertone.

Your journey to create a flawless complexion shall be continued to the soul mate of Face Base: Face Concealer. It is one multi-tasking formula that covers anything you want to cover – dark spots, blemishes, redness, dark circles, tattoo, you name it! The medium to high coverage in creamy formula is a savior for everyone wanting to look refreshed instantly or fake an 8-hour sleep.

Infused with chamomile extract as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-irritant and calming properties, Face Concealer is also equipped to defend the skin against acne and blackheads. Leave your doubt at the door, because the applicator of Face Concealer is ready to glide over anything you want to remain unseen.

Face Concealer arrives in 3 shades for light, medium and tan skin tones:

Light is light yellowish beige concealer for light skin tones. It also functions as highlighter for medium skin tones.

Medium is yellowish beige concealer for medium skin tones.

Honey is deep yellowish beige concealer for medium to tan skin tones.

Together with Jacquelle, we have also designed Easy Blend – your ultimate blending tool for a flawless result. Featuring 3 sides, it will help you reach all your facial features. It also comes in an acrylic case so you can store it safely. Wet it before use, and experience a smooth finish like you’ve never before!

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Hopefully your search of the perfect complexion essentials has come to an end. Face Base and Face Concealer truly deserve that permanent spot on your vanity or even in your bag. They are created for all foundation lovers, as well as those who believe in the power of good-looking skin. And with that power, be ready to up your complexion game and face whatever comes your way!



Whether you are a foundation veteran or a newbie, we believe that a good trick or two will remind you that the application of Face Base and Face Concealer is (almost) as important as the products. If you have been dreaming of a flawless, skin-like, surreal complexion, these are some tricks up our sleeves that we don’t mind sharing.

The key to a smooth application starts from the skin underneath. Prep your skin with your skincare routine, from cleansing to moisturizing and priming. This will allow the product to diffuse and blend easily. If you are feeling fancy, use face oil before using Face Base to achieve dewy, glowing look.


Take Face Base and pump once on the back of your hand. Then, distribute it in five dots: one on each cheek, one on the forehead, one on the chin and one on the nose. Spread them with your preferred tools in circular motion. Don’t forget to take the excess to your neck to ensure one continuous tone.


After applying Face Base on your face, work the weightless formula by blending it into your skin. A diffused, most skin-like finish can be achieved if you are using your fingers. You can finish there, or proceed to use Easy Blend to even and smoothen out.


Just like building a solid foundation, you shall build Face Base slowly to ensure longevity on your skin. Apply one thin layer evenly before adding another layer on. The consistency makes it easy for you to mix it with other complexion essentials, too. Try adding illuminator for a glowing look or complete with subtle contour to add dimensions to your face.
With moisturizing effect, Face Base will deliver semi-matte, complementing result. If you wish to really mattify the finish, grab Face Powder and lightly press for shine control. Alternatively, you can also keep blotting papers in your bag for touch-ups so the skin will still look like skin.


Face Concealer works best over prepped skin – you can use priming water and a layer of Face Base – so the formula can sit comfortably. The texture will work wonders on your base and disappears into your skin, leaving you with only healthy, hydrated look. Alternatively, you can mix moisturizer in your Face Concealer to create a sheer base all over your face.


To cover your “sins,” apply Face Concealer on the designated areas you want to cover, then leave it for about a minute. Let the formula seep under your skin, then pat gently with your fingers. Ensure that the coverage will concentrate on that area with consistent patting motions, instead of rubbing.


The applicator of Face Concealer is designed to distribute the product easily in one swipe. If under eye area is your main concern, draw an inverted triangle shape under your eye, then blend in dabbing motions using your ring finger. To blend easier, stay away from the lash line. Finally, you can lightly set it by pressing Face Powder using the provided Powder Puff for it to last all day.
Elevate your eye makeup by using Face Concealer around your eyes. It can function as eyeshadow primer when applied on the lids, as well as a “brow lifter” if you apply it on the brow bone. Some makeup artists even take the step further: They drag Face Concealer under the winged shadow or eyeliner to create killer cat eye look.


The multitasking Face Concealer does more than one job. Apply it on the cheekbones, around the lips and on the nose bridge to subtly highlight your complexion. Take it on your dark circles, spots and redness to cover your imperfections. You can do both, and end up with a flawless, luminous complexion!