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When life gives you lemon, make a lemonade. That’s exactly what Kania Annisa Anggiani did when she built Chic & Darling. Kania has been candid about her experience of being a mom and a CEO. The incredible entrepreneur recently sat down with #BLPTeam to share more about her passion.

As a CEO, how do you perceive your independence?

I see the freedom nowadays is about freedom of thinking, creating, I’ve got no limits that people set up for me. But freedom always comes with responsibility. So I need to be responsible to my family, Chic & Darling team, and even myself.

How do you maintain your independence even in marriage?

In marriage, my husband gives me so much freedom and I’m grateful for it. Both of us believe that in order to grow we need to give each other enough space. We discuss about the targets we want to achieve as a family while supporting each other’s dreams.


How does your independence affect your kids?

I have a stable daily routine for my kids, only because they’re on the age when they need it. This routine helps me and my husband to monitor their activities, even when we’re at work. My kids have the time to get creative, play sports and anything that they want in the routine.

There’s this one time when my daughter Lula was out with her friend and her friend’s parent on a weekday. She was offered a candy. It was surprising for the parent when Lula responded with “I can only eat candy on Saturday and Sunday, so I need to ask my mom first”.

To know that my kids are discipline in following the routine even when I’m not present is so meaningful for me.

What are the sacrifices you made to be where you are today?

I was the one-man show of Chic & Darling while taking care of a baby. I was too busy to socialize, no time to hang out with friends, no time for myself.

Even after working hours I still had no time to spare. I needed to do my domestic duty, being a wife and a mom. But all those sacrifices were my choice, because I was aware of my responsibility.

How are the husband and wife roles that you believe?

My husband and I make agreements on our roles. We sit down and discuss how we are going to help one another. Let’s say I have a meeting out of town, my husband will come home early to cook for the kids so I don’t need to worry.

Do you have any message for BLP Girls?

Mental health has a big part of me. I can’t nurture my team and my family if I’m not happy. Acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses is important for growth. So be honest to yourself. Say you’re okay when you are, say you’re not okay when you’re not.

Which BLP product that will suit your message?

As a BLPGirl, today I am wearing Lip Coat Persimmon Pie, I really love the colour. I even keep the old packaging for it is being a souvenir from BLP Beauty’s first launch.