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Today, the world celebrates Mental Health Day. With everything that's going on right now, take this day as a chance for you to make time for yourself and dedicate a whole day to check in for your wellbeing, BLP Girls.

Here, we have rounded a few practical ways that can be done every day or when your days are taking a heavy toll. Read on to feel at your best from the inside out!


1. Spare time to declutter

There's a strong link between tidy and organized space to one's wellbeing – this is why such a profession like tidying consultant exists, remember Marie Kondo?

BLP Girls, when we talk about tidy and organized space, it's not limited to physical space but also our mental space as well. Oftentimes, we store a lot of information in our mind, from a list of things that we have to do, the looming worries and anxieties, to the simplest like what we want to eat for lunch.

A cluttered mind could add up to being frazzled, overwhelmed and burnout. So how do we release this mind clutter to have more energy and focus?

  • Write everything that crosses your mind to create a space to focus
  • Do one thing at a time and try to reduce the act of multi-tasking
  • Prioritize your to-do list by the smallest that you can complete
  • Do things right away – don't procrastinate
  • Organize your living space and donate items that no longer serve you 


2. Press reset

We all have days when we don't feel at our best – tired, unmotivated and dull. When days like these come, it's hard to see the bright side of things.

If it's normal, then how do we get out of the rut and be able to face a brand new day with a lighter heart?

  • Sweat it out, go for a jog or a high-intensity cardio
  • Steer clear of your social media for a day or two
  • Find things to be excited about, however small
  • Visit or call a goofy friend and spend time with them
  • Cry if you can


3. Practice some self-love, baby!

With others' life experience and achievement being displayed in front of our eyes through social media, we often tend to be so hard on ourselves. We crave for more and more but we tend to overlook what we already have. 

Tell ourselves that we are enough and follow these some easy practical tips to give tender loving care to ourselves.

  • Get rid of your alarm clock and wake up whenever you feel like it
  • Have a fresh confidence-boosting haircut
  • Buy yourself something you've been wanting to purchase
  • Have your nails trimmed and polished – mani-pedi could also work
  • List a few things in your life that you feel grateful for

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these tips, BLP Girls! Hopefully you can feel better regardless of the chaotic world out there. Remember to check back your inner mental state and repeat these self-loving acts in the journey of navigating life. Always adore yourself!