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It feels just like yesterday we opened the first Beauty Space BLP in Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta. Then, another exciting opportunity has arrived in another city. After a lot of requests from you, we are delighted to announce that now we can meet #BLPGirls in Bandung everyday! Yes, Beauty Space BLP has officially opened in Bonheur, Paskal 23 Bandung from August 3 until this October.

Still exuding warm, comfortable and welcoming ambience, Beauty Space BLP Bandung offers a different concept than the one in Jakarta. If previously we adopted the idea of a living room, in Bandung we transformed the space into our own version of a powder room.

Thus, you will be able to find a lot of mirrors, with ample space to try all range of BLP products. Think of it as a space where you can freshen up yourself before heading out!

On the day of the launch, we were keen to meet the faces of #BLPGirls in Bandung. It was truly a weekend to remember, as we got overwhelmingly positive responses from everyone who came. Plus, we have also prepared free gifts for the shoppers throughout the weekend.

Yay! Our very own Lizzie Parra was also there to meet and greet with all of you, in a special talk show organized by Bonheur.


Another heartwarming agenda was tea time with #BLPGirls on Sunday. Five #BLPGirls – @meeniq, @terecha, @ruthagnel, @saranuralisya and @rahmadhitamaulida – got to meet Lizzie Parra and Christa with the rest of #BLPTeam in Bandung. We could chat, exchange stories and dreams, being closer with one of our biggest support systems: YOU!

We feel utterly grateful to be able to come to Bandung. Now, which city you’d like to find us in? More surprises are coming this year!