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If you ask us what our 2018 ultimate goal is, it simply goes that we want to be more of ourselves. We want to live, look and feel at our best at all times, so we start the year by launching #LipStainBLP to help you achieve your best look, too.
Fronting the #LipStainBLP campaign in collaboration with Tokopedia is none other than Eva Celia. Known for her natural, nonchalant look, she is ultimately the right #BLPGirls who stands for self love and embraces one’s true self. Even with natural makeup, there is no denying her beautiful features that were easily captured by the camera.
Although Eva appeared self reserved at first, her personality shone throughout the shoot. She flaunted notes of #LipStainBLP Grenadine Red, Heather Peach and Wild Berries flawlessly, while dressed up in Duma Official’s clothes. Full or ombre lips – Eva looked equally stunning in both.
Thanks to Tokopedia’s creative crew, the two-day shoot wrapped up successfully. Both indoor and outdoor, the campaign captures the dynamic of Eva Celia, living her best times, as you can, too, while wearing #LipStainBLP. See the video on our feed, and savor the behind-the- scene images here!