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What does a lip color mean for you, #BLPGirls?

For me, lip colors can say two things: your personality and your mood. Through any stroke of color on the lips we can get a glimpse of someone’s personality – whether they are edgy or demure, outgoing or reserved, extrovert or introvert. Lip shades are also able to reflect your mood of the day; I personally like to put on bold shades when I want to be motivated.


When formulating four new shades of Lip Bullet, I can already imagine the faces of you, BLP Girls, in these hues: Parfait, Popsicle, Pretzel and Pumpkin. If previously the four shades we released in December feel more romantic, now these lip colors reflect fun, versatile, suit-all qualities. All 8 Lip Bullet can complement all complexions and undertones, made for both a lipstick fanatic and someone who has just started wearing one.

In the days when we have to wear masks, wearing lipstick equals a treat to ourselves. Just few swipes can boost our confidence and help us feel more presentable, especially when we have to take off the mask to do a video call or simply to take a selfie. My tips: to prolong the Lip Bullet color on your lips, tap your lips with a tissue to absorb the excess oil from the moisturizing formula, so that it won’t stick to your mask. 

In this second installment of BLP Zine, find everything you need to know about Lip Bullet, from the products to the makeup looks, as well as tips and tricks. I hope the visuals and stories in this Zine can inspire anyone reading them, as we are pulling all of our creative stops to make this happen for you. This particular zine is more explorative and artistic – who knows you will be inspired to try a different makeup look or do something different after reading!


What's in BLP ZINE: LIPS MATTER (click on the image to read)